Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Thank You Note for you, my Facebook (and IRL) friends.

If you follow me on Facebook, you’re privy to the everyday occurrences in my life – for better or worse. I’ve spent the last few years accumulating a host of incredible acquaintances and even people that I can happily call friends, even though I’ve never met them.

I know how they take their coffee, when they fight with their spouses, their favorite books, opinions about Obama. I know when they’re feeling nauseous, and I’ll give them advice on how to make them feel better, in addition to 20 other tippers (lemon ginger tea! Milk for acidity, if you’re not lactose intolerant!).

I cross my fingers for them when they have job interviews, ailing friends or family, kids in talent shows. I check out the preliminary sketches for their new comics projects (in the case of some of my illustrator friends); I consider their one-line movie reviews, music recommendations, recipe suggestions.

This little community I’ve created for myself with the purpose of networking has suddenly grown huge (with over 3,500 friends), with more added each day. It has now become more than just a social website, but a support group, a never-ending stream of thoughts, opinions, words of wisdom, advice. Feeling crappy? Post it on Facebook and see what happens.

That’s just what I did last week when I had my laptop stolen right out of my office (my precious new Macbook Pro) – I posted about it on my page. Within thirty minutes, I had about thirty comments, several from people who wanted to help give and raise money to help me replace it. It started with a few suggestions – a PayPal account was created – and over the course of a few days, people had donated and spread the word enough to help me raise more than half of what I needed (that’s several hundred dollars!). A week later, donations are still coming in – along with supportive words, suggestions, and links to places to find cheaper refurbished laptops to replace my precious (Gollum-style).

As I watched these donations and messages come in, I was overwhelmed; people I’d never met (and people I have - thank you, my dear friends!) were forking over their hard-earned hundreds to help me. I admit I may have shed a few tears in appreciation and, I’ll say it – shock at this kindness.

So this is an attempt for me to try to thank all of you who did what you could – whether it was to help me out with cash, or to help spread the word, or to just be there to make me feel better – I wish I could do something for you.

I am so thankful to have people like you in my life, who give without suspicion, share selflessly. And though I may not know what your smile looks like in person, my only hope is that I can provide you with a few of those, as you have for me.

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SWS said...

In the same vein of things, you friended me after we briefly met at the first MECAF and, since then, Facebook has turned into more than social networking for me as well. It's wonderfully surprising how much something like that can evolve, and I'm glad for what it did for you!

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