Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hawt Fun in the Summertime

I won't mention that I haven't blogged in two months - nor that I forgot how to sign into Blogger. Or, why in the heck I continue to use Blogger as a platform anyway (laziness? impatience? transferring everything over to Wordpress is a beotch). So now that THAT's out of the way. I'm just not going to mention it at all.

I guess it's time to do one of those bulleted updates I do every once in awhile to catch my "readers" up on my latest solid life news. So much has happened this past year that it's hard to summarize, but I'll give it a hearty go!

  • One year anniversary as Public Relations Manager at Mark Batty Publisher. As of this month's Book Expo America, I will have been at MBP for one whole fantastic year!

  • New apartment! Let's make a long story short: amazing Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment sublet turned sour; had to make an emergency move and took the first place I could find that seemed ok and affordable - it's in a not-so-desirable area (Kensington) but the apartment is nice and shiny and new. I just wish the streets didn't smell like rotten fruit and skinned Halal calves.

  • Both of my best friends in New York moved away about a month apart - Lucy Vonne to Los Angeles and Cara to Bozeman, Montana. I'm still mourning over it. I've replaced them with human-sized stuffed dolls with wigs and I curl up with them at night and stroke their "hair" while I cry.

  • New boyfriend! We've been dating for about 6 months long distance, Boston-New York style. His name is Greg and he's an illustrator (he's worked in comics, on major brands like Lucas Films and Mattel, and other awesome projects) - and if I do say so myself, one of the most talented artistic geniuses I've ever met. He's pretty incredible; going to try to keep this one around for awhile, so I've filed down my claws. A little.

  • New secret project! Can't divulge the details just yet, but I will be working on an exciting new TV/web series/website to rep the nerd community. Perhaps you may see me as a guest-hostess with the mostest by next year? Perhaps interviewing some of your favorite geek idols? Stay tuned.

  • As you can see in the corresponding picture of my face, I now have laserbeam eyes that will PEW PEW the heck out of you.

No need to click "Read More" - there's nothing else. BUT...there will be more actually interesting and less mundane updates soon! God how I've missed you.


Maressa said...

Yay, welcome back to the blogosphere! I'll be keeping an eye on you, lady. I like me some happy blogs. And congrats on the one-year job anniversary, new apt. and Boston beef. :)

Maressa said...

P.S. Would you could you link The Body Logic under your Random Delights blog roll, pretty please? :) Merci beaucoup!!

Lockwood said...

I'm very tempted to gif-animate some "pew-pew-pew" laser beams into that picture...

Good to see you back!

Cara Underwood said...

I TOTES have a pillow of you that I spoon every night!!


L.I.P. said...

yay i heart blogs by awesome geeky ladies! and if you ever want to film in orbit books HQ, im all yours!

Lucy Vonne said...


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