Friday, May 8, 2009

All Nerdy in Mah Air Force Ones

Inspired by Laura Hudson's coverage on Comics Alliance of the Van Wolverine Air Forces below, I did a lil' sneaker shopping of my own.

Nike Dunk - TMNT Custom Sneakers. Someone PLEASE buy these for me.

Vans Sk8 Hi model by R. Crumb!

ADIDAS Hellboy II Plan Pack.

My main man Paul Pope's line of Chuck-like sneaks for DKNY Jeans - new colors out, too!

Click "Read More" to see the rest of my geek-sneak picks! And if you have your own awesome nerdwear submission that I missed, send it on over!

Flawless Victory hooked up some Nike Vandals with a neon Venom theme.

Puma Basket 68 Comic Book Print.

Nike Air Force 1 Playstation Edition Sneakers

Comic Book SB Dunks by Mache.

These Nike Assault and Vandals were part of an official Comic Book Pack launch (last year, I believe?) - and even though they're legit, I would still totally rock them.

Nike Dark Victory Dunk Hi Customs by Shadir.

Aaand more Batman (obvs) - the official Limited-Edition DC Comics Air Force Ones.

Custom Hand-Painted Dr. Seuss "The Lorax" Chucks.

TooNice from TN Customs'Adidas "Silver Surfer" Sneakers.

Suzumiya Haruhi Custom Nike Sneakers.

Nike Nintendo Wii Air Force II High.

Errr. Can't wear these Nike Transformers Marine Convoys...but d-d-d-d-damn!

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