Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Highlights 4/17 - 4/19 (Meme!)

  1. Went to The Creek in Long Island City with Cara to watch a co-worker perform in his sketch comedy group, Murderfist. The opening stand-uppers were really funny - and Murderfist was awesome and totally gross.

  2. A night on the town in New York would not be complete without a violently ill homeless man on the subway. He vomited loudly for about five stops until we finally left the train and told a police officer. I hope he's okay - and that it's nothing some egg whites and a latte couldn't fix. Mmm, brunch.

  3. Brian Heater invited me to the Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Titus Andronicus and Lucero - two bands I'd never seen before and completely fell for. Despite a weirdly out-of-place mosh pit and full cups of beer being thrown at the stage, the crowd was great, and so was the balcony view.

  4. Lucy Vonne and I discovered a mini-carnival at the high school grounds around the corner from our apartment. After Bagel Store bagels and coffee, we decided to go on a ride. After I was rejected from several rides for being taller than 4 feet, we hopped onto some terrifying spinny-whirly thing. I'm pretty sure I got whiplash.

  5. The toothless, clearly inebriated man running the spinny-airplane ride at the carnival thought I was cute. He said he'd let Lucy Vonne and I on his ride even though we were a little bigger than the rules stated. The little airplanes looked like they could maybe fit up to a medium-sized 10 year-old. I asked him what was in the cup he was holding. He grinned: "Kool Aid!"

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