Friday, April 17, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Comic Book Newbie

A couple of weeks ago, backstage at an Eclectic Method show at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC, one-third of the video DJ phenom group made an astute, if not poignant observation.

"I read your blog," the performer said to me in that amplified British slur of his. "And I don't get it. What are you, new? It's weird - you read all these old comics that aren' Like you're catching up or something."

At first, I was offended - I felt attacked, even. I tried reminding myself that the fellow was on heavy doses of psychedelics - but that made it even worse. That meant it was THE TRUTH.

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And it was. That's what my blog is ABOUT. It's about a gal who only recently really discovered the world of comic books in her twenties. Sure, I've always been enthused by "nerd" culture, comic book characters and cartoons - but did I read about it? No.

My blog has become, deliberately or not, a showcase of my graphic literary discoveries. I want it to be an inspiration to other women, people, humans to, no matter what age, pick up a book that they may just think is too nerdy for their liking. If you're just starting out, you'll probably gravitate to Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, sure - but more importantly, pick up the books from publishers you've never heard of, written by people you don't recognize. This is the art and the words of a different breed - and one I've started to enjoy profoundly more than mainstream comics.

For some, my newbie-ness will discredit me.
I take your recommendations to heart and I'm STILL blown away by the things that blew your mind maybe 15 years ago. But I'm in this universe of paneled pictures and inked letters penned with precision, and I'm looking at it with a fresh mind, bright eyes and a consistent voracity for more. Try me.


Lisa Fary said...

That guy's attitude does more to turn new readers away from comics. I just started reading comics a couple years ago and know there is a lot I don't know about comics as far as who drew/wrote what, minutiae of plots and character arcs, but I'm still discovering. New readers shouldn't have to bone up on almost a century of comics history to be credible. You read comics. You know what you like and don't like. That's credibility enough.

Anonymous said...


Chica said...

boo on that guy

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