Monday, March 9, 2009

This Past Week's Highlights!

1) Hollywood took a big poop onto a movie screen and called it Watchmen. Went to see it at its midnight IMAX premiere - best part? The company and the popcorn.

2) Great brunch at Maracas in the West Village with my favorite girls: eggs, chips and salsa, unlimited frozen margaritas and eye-humping cute gay boys. Kinda like Sex in the City, except way more gross and offensive.

3) Bought the second trade paperback of The Sword: Water and regretted it immediately after the first few pages. I think V for Vendetta has ruined me for life - now I'm bored by the light, crisp comic notes over the deep, dark, intelligent sentiments.

4) Went to my first Comic Book Club at the Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) and had a fantastic time. I plan on making this a Tuesday night ritual - and you should too. The last show featured folks from SMITH Mag's "Next-Door Neighbor" Webcomix (, my most favorites!

5) Discovered Doctor Who and have watched the first three episodes via Netflix "Watch Instantly" - best thing ever. And Doctor Who is hilarious and creepy. And, alright, Christopher Eccleston's kind of hawt (ahem, would make a great Joker successor, dontcha think?).

How was everyone else's week - and what did you think of Watchmen?

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Johnny B said...

Not to nitpick (ok, maybe to nitpick), but I don't think anything was called "The Watchmen." Secondly, I thought that Watchmen was far from poop. I think the only way that you could think badly of the movie is if 1) you didn't like the graphic novel to begin with, 2) you're so in love with the squid ending from the book that nothing else matters, or 3) you're a purist and any deviation is blasphemy. I mean, it's an adaptation for crying out loud.

Adri Leya said...

Johnny - if you listened to my review on the podcast, you would know that I'm exaggerating and that I actually liked several things about the movie. But then again, we both have opinions - and that's yours.

How about this one: I just didn't like the movie as a whole. Even as a separate entity from the book. Even if I didn't read the book. Movie, to me, was poop. Liked things about it, didn't like the movie itself.

But thank you for your feedback!

JesseBall said...

I dug the film, but I really can't pass final judgment until I see Snyder's director's cut coming in June. There's even talk of a crazy ultimate cut to incorporate the Black Freighter cartoon as well. That might be just wishful thinking, but you know WB is going to milk this thing for all its worth to recoup $$$.

kimberly ann josephine said...

I really liked "Watchmen". I read the graphic novel when I was an undergrad, and then I reread it this past year when I heard they were makin it a movie. I mean, I guess I also expected NOT to like it, and maybe that added to my liking it--- it was, I think, the best comicbookmovie since "Sin City". I think it's hard to complain about it, too, if you're a fan of the book, because unlike most comicbookmovies, it does a pretty good job sticking to the text. At times, I literally felt like I was reading the book and it was coming alive on the screen-- this is corny, yes, but true. One of the main things I was afraid of was that they were gonna make the vigilantes look too "cool", cause in the book, they are certainly not cool, and I was impressed that they didn't in fact make them look cool --okaaay there were some badass Hollywood fight scenes, yes, but all in all, Silk Spectre and Nite Owl looked damn cheesy... and Rorschach looked awesome.... and Ozymandis looked like a creep.... and Dr. Manhattan-- well, I don't know what he looked like except blue, so I think they did a good job with him, too. so. I was satisfied there. I guess the biggest problem I had with it was I could NOT imagine having not read the graphicnovel and enjoying the movie. But at the same time, I *had* read the graphicnovel, so there was no way for me to judge it from an outside perspective.

In long-winded kimberlyannjosephine style... that, lovely adri, is what i thought of Watchmen. Thanks for asking. =)

samuel rules said...

hahaha, Watchmen nerds like to say graphic novel.

MIlly said...

Forget that season of doctor who and go straight for the david tennant series. He is my secret boycrush, possibly because he sort of looks like a lesbian anyway.

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