Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Comic Impact WATCHMEN REVIEW Podcast - featuring moi!

Remember that time I said I was going to write a Watchmen movie review? Yeah, I lied. Instead, I joined the Comic Impact team for their weekly podcast - this time, to dish (and dis) on the new comic book-influenced flick.

Okay, so this is a LONG podcast, there's a lot of nit-picking, dwelling and a potty-mouth (you know who you are!), and it's riddled with SPOILERS. I also interrupt the others quite frequently - cause, well, I'm kinda a bitch. But, hell, listen anyway.

Click here to listen to the Comic Impact Watchmen Review podcast with Simon (Los Angeles), Sheldon (Los Angeles), Mat (UK) and mahself (NYC). Remember, MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

No need to click "Read More" - there's nothing else!


Richard Eggert said...

Since I havent read the actual graphic novel, I cant say how well this movie is comparable to the original. Considering the storyline I feel it as a superb flop. The characters neither had strong roles to play. I thought that the action scenes would be similar to movie 300, but it was not even 25% near to that. My $20 ticket was a total waste!

coffee said...

i haven't read the Watchmen comic series, but i can't imagine them packing any more into one movie even if they wanted to, which is good for me, makes me feel like i got my money's worth

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