Thursday, February 12, 2009

Current Lit List: 2/12/09

The Complete Bite Club (Trade) by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman

The Sword - Fire (1st Trade) by The Luna Brothers

The Escapists by Brian K Vaughan, Jason Alexander, Steve Rolston

Anyone else taken a gander at these lovely pieces of lit? Feedback? Opinions? Recommendations for my next read? Comment! And no need to click "Read More"...there's nothing else.


Brendan McGinley said...
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Brendan McGinley said...

Gad...James Jean could make murder look beautiful.

Richard Melendez said...

My wife's been reading The Sword regularly. I unfortunately could not get into it... not a huge fan of the Luna Bros. art.

Please tell us how you like/dislike The Escapists. I loved Chabon's novel, but never took a peek at the comic spinoff, so I'm really curious about it, especially considering that it's by BKV.

wiec? said...

Bite Cub i remember being pretty good. Not great but a fun read.

The Sword - i'm on the 2nd trade right now (came out last week). I'm digging it. Not to spoil anything but ... have you noticed one issue is all set up the next is action action action. Richard M after the wife is done with it give it another try. it is better in trades. story points get lost waiting month to month.

Escapist - was great. the one side with the artists is fun and well done. the actual story they produce is really awesomely drawn.

3 pretty good picks.

hostile17 said...

I read the Escapists because I was reading the novel at the same time. Fantastic!! Also I love just about everything Brian K.Vaughn writes

Continually Spicy said...

Good choices. Bite CLub was the only one that was sort of so/so for me, but enjoyed the others greatly. Just read Dr. Grave, would recommend that.

Just a heads up, I memed you in a current post. Feel free to ignore it, I was just keeping the thread going. Here's the details:

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