Monday, February 23, 2009

Look What I Have - Kewtie Patutie Ninja-thingy!

I went nuts for these little Kewpie Keychain guys as soon as they arrived at FP from Japan. Check it - I got myself a lil' ninja! They make Sesame Street and Manga characters as well, in addition to some random cheeky guys and gals that I couldn't identify.

I grabbed a few for my bestest friends (Joe freaked for Astroboy Kewpie!) and now we all wear them in some conspicuous place, like our zippers or keychains. I gaze at mine lovingly, daily.


Boopers said...

sho cyoot!!!

John said...

As cute a thingy as I've seen in quite a while

Lucy Vonne said...

Do they make a Jean Val Jean one?

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