Monday, February 23, 2009

Look What I Have - Kewtie Patutie Ninja-thingy!

I went nuts for these little Kewpie Keychain guys as soon as they arrived at FP from Japan. Check it - I got myself a lil' ninja! They make Sesame Street and Manga characters as well, in addition to some random cheeky guys and gals that I couldn't identify.

I grabbed a few for my bestest friends (Joe freaked for Astroboy Kewpie!) and now we all wear them in some conspicuous place, like our zippers or keychains. I gaze at mine lovingly, daily.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Harvey Pekar Harumphs His Way to My Heart

A couple of days ago I attended a phenomenal event featuring a discussion with Harvey Pekar - the third in a series hosted by YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, titled "Comics and the Jewish American Dream." Harvey Pekar (n00bs: the guy behind American Splendor) sat on a stage with Danny Fingeroth (comic book writer/editor: wiki-peer at him here) and answered questions, extrapolated on details from his American Splendor days, and shared his upcoming plans for more books, books, books (projects I'll discuss separately in the future, of course).

And he won't lie to you - he'll say it like it is. He tries to do four books or projects a year to keep the finances rolling in; not that he doesn't enjoy the art, but that's just how it is, it's his job.

SIDENOTE: Getting INTO this event was like getting onto Airforce One (although getting into my Airforce Ones is a cushy, comfortable joy with great arch support). The Institute for Jewish Research had one of the most hardcore security systems I've ever experienced: metal detectors, pat-downs, pocket-emptying, bag-scanning. It was serious - we Jews keep it reals.

If you haven't read his The Quitter yet, a collab with webcomix king and prolific illustrator Dean Haspiel, you'd know less about how Harvey feels about obligation and occupation - but I can say that despite his past tendencies to give up on things, his sticktoitness in the book industry is a welcome asset.

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After the event, I went with a friend (also a friend of Harvey's) to go shake his hand, exchange pleasantries. Drinks were planned on being had afterwards with a few of us and Harvey at a local pub, but he was just simply tuckered. I couldn't imagine "drinking" with Harvey Pekar anyway, especially in the physical state he seemed to be in. I know he'd been suffering some health issues, and I'm sure the last thing he wanted to do was coddle beers with some twenty and thirty-somethings.

Either way, we clinked our glasses to Harvey while he sat in his hotel room, probably sleeping. But he doesn't really care about all that. Isn't that why we love him?

NOTE: Thanks to Gary Dunaier, from whose Flickr Photostream I grabbed the event photos.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Current Lit List: 2/12/09

The Complete Bite Club (Trade) by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman

The Sword - Fire (1st Trade) by The Luna Brothers

The Escapists by Brian K Vaughan, Jason Alexander, Steve Rolston

Anyone else taken a gander at these lovely pieces of lit? Feedback? Opinions? Recommendations for my next read? Comment! And no need to click "Read More"...there's nothing else.
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