Thursday, January 1, 2009

Paul Pope + Kidrobot + Playboy = What, You Couldn't Guess? HOTNESS!

Flipping through this month's issue of Playboy (I have a subscription, okay? If anyone needs back issues, they're stacked on my toilet), I happened upon a most pleasant discovery: Paul Pope has a new, sassy bit o' toy out there for the lady lovers - a 7.5 inch soft vinyl figure of Monique St. Pierre, Playboy Miss November 1978, exclusively for Kidrobot.

Paul Pope's span of creativity clearly runs the gamut - he's been known to dabble in graphic novels (one of which was just picked up by Paramount, Battling Boy), mind-blowing art books (I'm LOVING PulpHope: The Art of Paul Pope) and even has a clothing collection for DKNY Jeans.

Oh, and did I mention he worked his Pope-tastic magic on BATMAN YEAR 100? His rendition of Gotham's Greatest is one for the history books - and the homemade collage that hangs over my bed in tribute to my one true crime-fighting love.

Check out Paul's blog here:

And click "Read More" for some of my PP faves (oh, and there's one in there slightly NSFW, just be warned)!

The Masked Karimbah (also made into a Kidrobot Toy. See it here).

Floating Barefoot

And some steamy Pin-Ups:


Eric Orchard said...

So very cool! I love that figure.I said it before but Playboy was way hotter before Photoshop~you just can't believe the bodies that're in there a lot of the time now.

i hadn't heard about the movie! That's great news. I'll have to Google it.

Anonymous said...

i love pope's stuff

Miles said...

I'm a proud owner of Pope's The Masked Karimbah that he did for kidrobot last year. I'm thinking it needs a companion piece. Thanks for the heads up...

Adri Leya said...

Miles - no way! super jealous; I love the Masked Karimbah. I need to get me BOTH of these toys! What else do you have for toys?

GrandSlamm said...

Wow I didn't know Pope made toys! Thanks for creating a new obsession for me!

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