Sunday, January 18, 2009

Best Show...of All Time?? VH1's 'Tool Academy' Surprisingly Not a Doc About My Exes

If your life is in need of an extra dose of douchebaggery, then it's time to switch on VH1 and get schooled by Tool Academy. I've only seen the first two episodes, but I have the good sense to know that this is going to be something....special. You can catch some clips here on VH1's website; my favorites are the hidden camera challenges - watch these dudes fail miserably at keeping it in their pants.

Meanwhile, check out the promo commercial to view the wonder that is the Academie de la Douches:

The not-so hard-to-figure-out twist? Turns out the biggest tools are the girlfriends that stick around for their d-bag boyfriend's BS.

Click "Read More" for a few of my favorite, memorable quotes from the first couple of episodes.

"I'm a slam dunk on the court and in the bedroom, baby."

"I woulda had those ears by the ankles. I...I...wait, scratch that, my girl's gonna get mad. Ok, I would have made sweet, sweet love to her."

"This is about fidelity, and obviously, I'm the most infidel of everybody."


Simon said...

Ok now my TIVO is set DAM you . I am going to have to watch this ..... Because I use to know guys like that when I use to play hockey.

Richard Melendez said...

k, isn't the show three shades of awesome? my "favorites" right now are M.E.G.A. and Matsuflex as i just love to hate them. "Makes Every Girl Aroused." heh...

brandon b. said...

People like this are responsible for the BS in Gaza.

Lucy Vonne said...

Can we invite them all over for a party?

Ugly Scott said...

being too cheap to get cable (last holdout in america?) i'll have to wait until it's available on netflix. i hope soon, because i'm a big fan of douchebaggery.

samuel rules said...

this is why i never watch tv.


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