Monday, January 5, 2009

Asian Invasion: Cute/Weird Stuff I Want from Japan

From the Land of the Rising Sun emerges new and wonderous gadgetry and ridiculousness that is rivaled only by...well...China, occasionally.

Here are a few sassy lil' trinkets I happened upon during my latest perusal on favorite Jappop destination, A Rinkya Blog.

Angel and Devil Headphones from Greenhouse Japan

I'm a notorious earphone wrecker; I've been known to yank those suckers out of my laptop too quickly, leaving half of them still plugged in and the other half in my sad, trembling hand. Regardless, I keep going back for more, and this time around I'm going to invest in these freakin' adorable Angel and Devil earphones from Greenhouse Japan. Not only are they cute, but they really play off my dual personality. Hurrah for disorders!

Click "Read More" for my more, and for my all-time favorite!

I Heart Diet Scale

I LOVE me some Engrish (check out my last Engrish post)- throw some fat jokes into the mix, and you've got me hooked like phonics. That's why I NEED this scale - moreso to make me laugh instead of sobbing uncontrollably after I look down at the numbers.

The Molester Protecter Seal Keychain

This saccharine looking little guy ain't so sweet on molesters. It's a keychain that acts as a type of taser if you're attacked, sending 150 volts through whoever's unfortunate body you force it onto. It's pretty much a metaphor for my feminine wiles; innocent until messed with.

Chapit The Lovable Robot

Now THIS guy needs to be my new best friend. Sorry, Lucy Vonne, but you don't do things like answer and redirect my phone calls, sync with my computer and act as a media server (although, you do bake delicious cookies and have some sweet dancing moves).

Chapit, this wiry ball of delight, was designed by Japanese robotics company Raytron and was recently on exhibition at the Napia Nakanoshima housing project. This little guy represents the future of a robotic conduit between house and human; in addition to computer-syncing and phone-answering, he will wake you, control your household appliances, electronics and theromstats, and interact with you in a couple of languages. He's capable of learning up to 10,000 words, and even conveys emotion by flashing lights and body movements.

Which is the least I can say for the men I've recently dated - no emotional expression or communication whatsoever. You can pick up Chapit for a whopping 200,000 YEN ($1,944), which is a small price to pay for NEVER HAVING TO BE ALONE AGAIN.


JahFurry said...

i tinkz i needz me dem earamafonz!

Snott Normal said...

I'd totally love to have the happy helper robomonkey around the house, though I already find myself wondering *which* 10,000 words it'd wind up learning...

Lucy Vonne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucy Vonne said...

But can he shake his booty like me......

Um we need everything else on that page.

Adri said...

soooo cute!!!

Geekologie said...

Robots = Happiness

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