Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wocka wocka, fools.

A lot has changed since we last spoke, my friends.

1) It is now WINTER.

2) Lucy Vonne now has her own blog, part of the Blogtime family, called Sexy Blogtime! Visit her spot for all that is sexy - toys, testicles, and most of all, trouble.

3) I have a new freelance job, working with the ultimate of PR, social networking and marketing gurus, Jeff "Jahfurry" Newelt (check out some dirt on him here). We work with the best of comic book writers, artists and graphic novelists, in addition to non-profits, performers and other select clients. I've FINALLY found a job at which I can get paid for reading comic books all day, and mama likes.

4) I have long bangs that I wear swept to the side.

5) There's probably a lot more.

And here's what hasn't changed....

1) I am still 30lbs overweight and I think that's swell.

2) Lucy Vonne and I re-signed our lease for another year, so we're still the lovingest of roommates you've ever met. Not to mention the ridiculously expansive porn collection she's accumulated - I've had to explain that one away to the couple of guys I've had over for dinner dates. You'll find "Cuntourage" right next to "Liar Liar" on our DVD shelf.

3) I still don't have a dog. And I said to Lucy the other night that maybe if we had a dog, we would be happy all the time.

4) I'm still painting my fingernails in fall colors and I shall do that all year round.

5) I'm still a sexy Jew.

6) Still poor.

7) Still denying that I listen to Paramore.

So there you have it, a lil' recap for yo ass. Expect more from me sooner than later, lovers.


T. Walters said...

I missed you so much!

Dave3 said...

Hey, you definitely need to talk to me about your comic clientele. Geeks of Doom is all about helping get the word out about comic and comic-type peeps. I'm sure there's a way we can work together to both of our benefit. :)

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