Saturday, December 20, 2008

*sniffle sniffle* ACHOO!

This will be a short, pointless entry, as I'm completely abusing my blog and using it as a vehicle to complain about my head cold. I've got so much work to do and I can't think clearly. And I don't think I've ever sneezed so much in my life, although...I admit I enjoy sneezing every now and then. Feels funny. It's really the nose-blowing and the voice modulation that's frustrating; I sound like a recently-changed transvestite with Down's Syndrome.

Two cups of coffee (Bustelo ONLY) and my brain's still foggy - which is why I may need to head to the coffee shop next door and do it Italian-style: take shots of espresso. I could handle throwing back a couple of those; if I can do Patron or Jager I most certainly can handle THAT.

I think I've actually hit the "coffee" wall: complete immunity to the effects of caffeine. Does this mean I need to find some other stimulant?

Achoo. Achoo. Okay, gotta get ready for work now.

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Anonymous said...

yucky! :(

April said...

My vote is espresso now, jager later!
Caffeine doesn't make you perky anymore? Do the espresso anyway! It's till a bronchial stimulant and just might help with the sneezy, stuffy, head/chest cold of it all. (Plus, it's just plain good.)

Richard Melendez said...

Hope you're feeling better. And Bustelo is the shiznit. I miss caffeine...

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