Monday, December 22, 2008

Pow! Bam! Whaam! OUCH!

Random, yes. Just wanted to share with everyone what Lucy Vonne got me for Hanukkah: Ouch! Comic Strip Bandages. Now I can outfit my entire body with comic book phrases such as "Bam!" "Aargh!" and "Pow!"

It's taken my strongest will to avoid "accidents" like: "oopsie, I decided to wear 4-inch heels with no traction to walk through the accumulating slush/black ice," and "what is this loose razor doing out in the open like this? I should bring it over to the trash can while clutching it tightly in my bare hand," and even "whoops, I threw myself knees-first onto the linoleum floor/gravel."

Don't click "Read More." Really, there's nothing else here.
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