Thursday, December 11, 2008

PDA with my PDA : Blackberry vs. iPhone

I'm Anti-iPhone. There, I said it. Yeah, I'm weird. Yeah, I'm missing out on cool applications like "Virtual Beer" and "Tap Tap Dance" and "Virtual Monkey in a Bubble Going Down Slides."

But I'm not missing out on my cheek accidentally calling that dude I met last month at the bar that I said I'd call but never did. I'm not missing the grease spots on the screen after I eat a delicious slice of ricotta and broccoli pizza from Danny's Pizzeria around the block. I'm really not missing the muscle strain I'll develop from having to crane my neck for all those flip-flopping, sliding, draggable screen-thingies.

And no other handheld device has ever been haunted by Apple founder and billionaire Steve Jobs, which says a lot (although, having your phone haunted by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer would be cool, and - I'll admit it - arousing).

Frankly, I'm a Blackberry kinda girl. Give me email, internet, and a scroll wheel. Plus, those Blackberry device names are sexy - Pearl, Curve, Bold, Storm; they sound like the monikers of hulking male exotic dancers, glistening with body oil and man sweat from sexydancetime exertions.

The Blackberry Bold, Storm and Curve, respectively.

So, while all you iPhone users are flitting your greasy appendages over that touchy-whatever-screen, I'll be having practical PDA with my shiny new hunk of a PDA.


Lucy Vonne said...

Does this mean those men will be at our house, because if so I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

you're an IPHONE HATER!!!!

shmeister said...

Steve Ballmer is gross

Billzilla said...

alls I can say is "Word." Sure, maybe I wouldn't mind having a big beautiful screen or a web browser that worked like a web browser, but for that I have a very nice computer that I already spend tooooo much time with. I'd much rather have a blackberry that I can use to.. like.. keep in touch with people.

That said, out of all the cool berry names, I feel I am rocking the second lamest (Curve. Sure, it beats Pearl, but it's nowhere near storm, bold and javelin in coolness).

My word verification for this comment is "fistrin." I wish there was a PDA called that.

rafael said...

ah man that picture of the strippers is fucking hilarious, "the bold, storm, and curve respectively" that is amazing... anyways i think the iphone is cool as fuck, but i cant seem to type on it without making mistakes and getting angry... i've fucked around with a curve, and that is much easier to type on... cuz it has those buttons... the storm looks cool as fuck as well, but i heard that sucks to type on too... personally i am anti cell phones and most modern devices like microwaves, and headphones... i have one of these at home... however i am very happy when someone does have one of those fancy phones when all of a sudden there is an argument and we either need google or imdb to settle the bet...

faryl said...

I am an iPhone geek, I admit it. All the same - your comment about Steve Ballmer cracked me up. And made me decide I like you. :-)

It's my first time visiting here, but I'll be back! Maybe from my iPhone though. If that's ok . . . !

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