Monday, December 15, 2008

Look What I Just Got! Alan Moore's "Promethea" Comic Series

Ridiculously late, shouldn't be writing, blah blah...but I just HAD to tell you that I got some saweeeet reading material in the mail tonight from Jahfurry: the entire Promethea series created by Alan Moore. Super excited. Got to go to bed now - but how CAN I??

Click "Read More" for the lazy man's summary - a clip from Wikipedia.

Here's some of the Wikipedia article on it in case you need to know more!

Promethea is a comic book series created by Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III with Mick Gray, published by America's Best Comics/Wildstorm. Serialized in 32 issues on an irregular schedule from 1999 to 2005, the series explores Moore's ideas about art and magic, combining elements of superhero action, metaphysical theorizing, and psychedelic revelation, all focused on the adventures of Promethea, a metafictional character that possesses magical power over the real world. Promethea is also notable for wide-ranging experimentation in visual style and storytelling technique on the part of Williams and Moore.

Promethea has been organized into five books. Books 1 and 2 mainly deal with Sophie Bangs becoming Promethea, while Books 3 and 4 show Promethea/Sophie working her way through all the Sephiroth of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, passing beyond death and the Immateria before returning to earth for a confrontation with Stacia. In Book 5, Promethea brought on the Apocalypse, the end of the world - or the entire ABC universe, to be precise - not by destroying it physically, but by tenderly introducing its inhabitants to a new world of imagination, wonder, beauty, belief, and acceptance. Here Promethea truly delves deep into metafiction - the title character addresses the reader directly in her explanation of the Apocalypse, and points out that she is fiction, and fiction can be magic and be believed.


Mr Crumb said...

Always been a favorite of mine :)

Anonymous said...


DavePress said...

ah Jahfurry, always giving the gift of comics. I received a copy of Shooting War from him. Love the guy, awesome book.

ll crewl j said...

thank you for reminding me to re-read this! been toooo long.

- j

AmyLitt said...

ooooh! Cannni borrow it when you're done?

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