Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Comix Review: Army@Love by Rick Veitch

A tale of steamy romance, thrills, battles and non-stop adrenaline; no, this isn’t Desperate Housewives. It’s Army@Love, the monthly series from comic icon Rick Veitch and Vertigo/DC, pairing the hilarity and irony of U.S. war politics with fiery soap opera-esque dramatics.

Set in the not-so-distant future where war continues to thrive in the Middle Eastern region of “Afbaghistan,” Army@Love spins the satirical tale of an American government roping in recruits with the marketing of a perpetual ‘Spring Break’-style army, where the booze flows, the sex is wild and cell phones still get service, even in the midst of battle.

The first six issues, condensed in Army@Love Vol. 1: The Hot Zone Club, introduces us to the outrageous cast of characters, and continues their stories in the following collection, Army@Love: Operation Pwned.

Among heated extramarital affairs, hypnotist magicians, malevolent Wiccan charms and gun-toting robots, Army@Love offers a mix of the ridiculous amongst potent social commentary – and it’s a veritable M16 blast to read.

They have it on for ten bucks here - check it out!


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Excellent! Thanks for Heads Up!

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