Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Brief Life Update in the Ancient Japanese Poetry form of Haiku

Threw up for three days.
Then painted nails "whore-y" red.
Got sweet bling from Luce!

Wow, that ranks as one of the worst Haiku poems ever. Let's try again.

Vomit everywhere.
My nails look like a hooker's.
Unicorn jewels rule!

Still bad. Sigh, I give up.

Click "Read More" to find out what I'm currently reading!! HINT: It involves Bryan Talbot and it rhymes with Malice Son Blunder Sand. Whaaaaaat??

Doyeee it's Alice in Sunderland: An Entertainment! This is my very FIRST time reading it, and I'm already foaming at the mouth at page 5.

Here's the typical lazy-man synopsis:

Alice in Sunderland
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alice in Sunderland: An Entertainment is a graphic novel by comics writer and artist Bryan Talbot. It explores the links between Lewis Carroll and the Sunderland area, with wider themes of history, myth and storytelling — and the truth about what happened to Sid James on stage at the Sunderland Empire Theatre.


The artwork for the main cover was by graphic artist Jordan Smith. His daughter, Kaya Anna Lawson (Smith) is the model for Alice. She is featured on the front cover as Tenniel's Alice, as well as inside the book[1] as her normal self.

The work relates local history. It focuses upon the eponymous city, but also covers other towns and cities in North East England, such as Newcastle upon Tyne, Durham and Hartlepool. Local legends and tales are documented, including The Lambton Worm and the monkey hanged in Hartlepool. In parallel, Talbot relates some history of comics in Britain, with occasional pastiches of other artist's styles and a guest page by Leo Baxendale

It is published in the UK by Jonathan Cape, and in the US by Dark Horse.


MyLittlePonay said...

sweet bling!

Billzilla said...

"jewels" is two syllables.

Eric Orchard said...

Awesome haiku's....
Love Talbot's stuff but haven't read that yet!

Adri Leya said...

Billzilla: You sassy bitch! Actually, I'm from Massachusetts so it's one syllable. Jools. Maybe I should have spelled it that way? Whyyy I oughta!!! ;-)

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