Monday, December 29, 2008

Beans, Beans, The Comical Fruit!

The Beans are BACK, and you won't need any Pepto for these babies.

From the farthest corner of the universe, Beanworld's 'Chow'-munching race of beans have re-emerged into the world of comics for their latest romp since the 1990's in Dark Horse's Beanworld Holiday Special.

Creator Larry Marder has harvested Beanworld into an eco-system bustling with lovable, playful nuggets (who, frankly, I want to keep as pets - especially the Pod’lPool Cuties. So I keep a few lentils in a cage on my desk, big deal).

Find everything you need to know about the Tales of the Beanworld comic series and this most exciting new release at Larry Marder's blog or here at the Beanworld Wiki. You can also follow Marder and his clan on MySpace and Facebook - who knew beans were so technologically advanced?

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