Monday, September 29, 2008

Visceral Manhattan.

Today, a very close, wonderful friend nudged me to an important realization.

New York has changed me; and it's not New York's fault - it's mine. Through all this internal clutter - job hunting, money scrounging/wasting/making, life's little stresses and life's big ones - I've lost track of what's really important. I've neglected my loves, my relationships, my friends. I've become so consumed with living, growing into this strange mutant version of myself, scrambling for success, survival on my own terms, that I haven't been there for the people that I love and the people that count on me. And, wow, learning that really hurts.

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This cerebral black hole I've created needs to implode on itself. The tunnel vision needs to stop - the mixed metaphors need to end NOW! Instead of obsessing over what I don't have or what I need to attain, I will nurture what I DO have. I will enjoy where I am and the people around me. I will not take for granted the love in my life, and I will invite new love in.

Thank know who you are.

Oh, and all these photos are ones I've taken here in NYC....except for the last one, which is my Mom on the beach in Massachusetts. Love.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kit Kat Bar Flavor Craziness! Huzzah Japan!

Judging by my buxom figure, you shan't be surprised to hear that I loves me some candy. So thank you, once again, to one of my all-time favorite blogs, A Rinkya Blog, for turning me on to these amazing chocolate concoctions from Japan: odd-flavored Kit Kat bars in varying shapes and sizes! This cornucopia of delight doesn't just end in Japan, but you know how I feel about the Land of the Rising Sun. Kit Kat bars should start wearing ironic t-shirts that say "I'm Big in Japan." Like the one I have about Everybody Loving a Jewish Girl. It's funny because it's true!

Check out the Wikipedia article here to see a full list of the craziness, and click "Read More" to see a list of my favorite Japanese Kit Kat creations.

Kit Kat Sakura (Cherry blossom)
Kit Kat Iced Tea
Kit Kat Caramel and Salt
Kit Kat Kinako (soybean flour)
Kit Kat Wa Guri (Chestnut flavour)
Kit Kat Green Tea — Japan
Kit Kat Apple — Japan
Kit Kat Café Latte with Hokkaidō Milk
Kit Kat Kiwifruit
Kit Kat Strawberry
Kit Kat Gold — petits with fudge like covering and dusted cocoa powder on outside
Kit Kat Cantaloupe
Kit Kat Triple Berry
Kit Kat Azuki (Red Bean)
Kit Kat Watermelon Minis
Kit Kat Green Grape Muscat
Kit Kat Black Sugar Minis
Kit Kat Big Kat Bitter
Kit Kat I-Stick — Japan limited edition — Creamy bitter chocolate between wafers and dark chocolate coating — two stick format sold in cooler or freezer section of stores
Kit Kat Stick Almond — Japan
Kit Kat Stick Half Bitter — Japan

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Putting the "Fun" in Dysfunction - Adri Leya Style

I don't like to discuss my love life publicly at Happy Blogtime - I've clearly never made mention of it previously (not even my sex life - you can turn to Lucy Vonne for THAT). I don't think broadcasting my romantic ventures is fair to the other person (or people??) involved - so I kiss, but never tell.

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For over a year and a half, I've purposely abstained from any sort of "real" relationship beyond casual dating. I've tried to take this time to gain control of my life without any emotional roadblocks to stifle me, and attempt to experience an independence that's not possible when you're in love, or trying to be in love.

After this seemingly long hiatus, and a developed comfort with myself that I never before had, I've decided to take a dip into the dating pool once again. And let me tell you, sister friend - the guys here in New York are either all very colorfully disturbed, or I'm simply falling into my old habits. A motley of men have entered my life with the issues that I've painstakingly "tried" to avoid: guys cheating on their girlfriends; bad boys trying to turn good but not quite cutting it; emotionally retarded/unavailable men who communicate only via text message; serial male whores trying to score a nut, and so on.

I'm not surprised that people do these things (I've had my fair share of awful relationships in the past - guys with 5 secret girlfriends; guys stepping out from our hangout session for a quick BJ from a disgusting pig-faced skank, etc., etc.). I don't like who I become when I'm with these men - suspicious, jealous, and stressed out. It drives me absolutely nuts to have to worry about whatever crap they're going to inflict upon me next - hence, why I took this extended dating hiatus.

Now listen, I'm not whining. I know that pretty much every other girl in the city of New York share these qualms, concerns, blah blah. I fall into the category of women, I suppose, who bitch about awful men, but place ourselves knowingly into these situations. I'm quite aware that I find myself in these circumstances because I'm attracted to them, for whatever latent psychological reason therin lies.

That being said, I'm hoping to Bejesus that I'll eventually fall for a respectful and honest guy who treats me like the gold I certainly deserve to be treated; but until then, I guess, (as dear Cara says), I'll just continue to keep putting the "fun" in dysfunction.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brief! Celeb! Spottations! (Liev Schreiber)

Liev Schreiber gettin' his herr did in SoHo on West Broadway. Pretty psyched that he's going to be Sabretooth in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine - and that I met him. Awww yeah, mutants are HAWT.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Relationships vs. Doin' it. Riddle me this...

Quickly, people, cause you know this chick's bizzay! Was just reading Time Out New York on the can and read this question/answer in the "Get Naked" section...I want to know what my readers think of this! And I want ACTUAL OPINIONS. Comment on this, dammit - let's get a convo brewin'! Jamie Bufalino, TONY's sexpert, is he genius...or an ass?

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Q: I'm 20 years old, attractive and accomplished, and I recently split from my boyfriend of two years for absolutely no reason other than that he is afraid of getting too tied down so early in his life (we had a flawless relationship otherwise). So like a rational girl, I've reentered the dating world, but found all of the guys falling woefully short of my ex. Also, I've been spoiled with great sex on a regular basis for the past two years, and being single is an unpleasant shock. My feelings (not to mention my body) are all telling me I'm meant to be with my ex, perhaps forever. But how exactly do you get a 22-year-old man in the most adventurous and flighty stage of his life to realize this?

A:...What if, instead of completely breaking things off, you and the ex opened up the relationship a little? You guys would have to come up with the precise terms of this arrangement (when you can sleep with other people, how often to get STD checks to make sure everyone's having safe sex, what the level of disclosure would be), but if it's the concept of being completely tied down that's freaking him out, why not give the guy a little slack? Since you can't fight his biological urge to have sex with as many women as possible, just roll with it while providing him with something the other girls can't: a nurturing relationship that seeks to accommodate the needs of both people involved (I can already hear the feminists screaming at me for letting the guy get the better end of this deal). Obviously, this arrangement would not be for everyone, and perhaps he was just using the "I don't want to settle down so fast" excuse, when in fact there were other reasons he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with you. Still, if you're happier having him in your life than out of it, there are ways to make that happen so that everyone gets what they want.

- From Jamie Bufalino's "Get Naked" column, Time Out New York, Issue 674


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