Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Week's News: Adri Leya Gains Weight, Lucy Vonne Goes on Talk Show?

I haven’t blogged in over three days. As you can see from my last post, I got a little overwhelmed by my current “career” situation and had a minor, shall we say, motivational breakdown. Which means, yes, I punished myself gastronomically: pizza, peanut butter M&Ms, Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream, mozzarella sticks, chips and guac, pretzels, hummus, burritos. You name it – I ate that mofo. And if you know me, you know that most of what I consume is either fruit, vegetable, or grain; organic, vegetarian, clean....Klingon. And coffee. LOTS of coffee.

Click "Read More" for the rest of my self-loathing, this week's top news items, and find out why Lucy Vonne's going to be on a national talk show next week. WHAAAAA??

Yeah, it’s not drugs or booze, but it’s still so bad for my body; I feel bloated, sluggish, and 5lbs heavier – I gained a pound a day, to be exact. Sweeeeet, especially after being so proud of this past year’s 25 lb weight loss. I even popped Super Size me into the DVD player to snap myself out of this bizarre slump – but it made me hungry. I ended up munching on some vegan lemon squares and pretzels. WTF!!

Anyway, I did better today, but not as well as I usually do. We’ll see how quickly I can drop the 5 lbs – by this Monday I’m hoping to get this gut back into six-pack form. Like it was before, clearly.

On to some NEWS! This Week's Headlines:

Adri Leya Paints Fingernails Purple
Yeah, I just gave myself a manicure for the first time in a month. I'm sexy.

CitiBank Calls Adri Leya 5 Times This Week to Collect
Don't ask me how much. Gulp.

Adri Leya Scans "Adult" Section of Craigslist for Discrete "Jobs" - Then Remembers Morals
That one explains itself.

Lucy Vonne to Appear on TYRA BANKS Show Next Week As Panelist in Roundtable Sex Discussion
Yep, you heard me! Looks like all that Sexy Time has paid off! Lucy Vonne has been selected to grace the Tyra Banks Show with her presence to discuss her views on sexuality with Tyra and a few others with differing views - I'm expecting to see some majah dramz. Will blog more about this as it gets closer...

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