Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rollins With My Homies

I love Henry Rollins. Everything about him - his crazy eyes, jutting neck veins (when he gets angry - which is like, 82% of the time), the beautiful spray of spit as he rants. Ok, yeah, and his music. Sure, he's verifiably off his friggin' rocker, but that's why I adore him so - he's a damaged genius with a really, really bad temper. I saw him on his Spoken Word Tour here in NYC last year and literally almost got kicked out for taking secret video footage for future masturbation fodder.

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And in true Rollins fashion, he's going on tour again this year to celebrate the end of a Bush era, called the Recountdown Tour 2008 - and I'm GOING bitches. Tickets are already closed for presale, but don't you worry, I will be on that like nasty drunk hookers on Flava Flav's junk. If anyone knows a way to get these tickets for NYC on October 30, let me know. I will probably do just about anything for them. I'm serious.


Anonymous said...

You purchased 2 tickets to:
Henry Rollins
Town Hall, New York, NY
Thu, Oct 30, 2008 07:30 PM

Order for: AdriLeya's future lover
Seat location: section ORCH, row Q, seats 2-4
Total Charge: Gross/Beautiful Acts performed on me by Adri

Adri Leya said...

i'm in lurrrrrrve!!! who this is??

T. Walters said...

I'd kill to see him.
I love his show.

dan said...

I think someone, I'm not naming names here, perhaps drew inspiration from my blog post the other day?


Not to brag, but I'm quite proud that I was successfully able to piss him off, then get him in awe of me in the matter of a few seconds in that special moment I shared with him at a book signing a few years ago.

If you do marry him, you need to invite me over for dinner one day, because he never did answer my question. :-)

Adri Leya said...

holy shit dan, that video made me super uncomfortable. but it was awesome! i still wanna bang rollins - can you blame me? i know you would too. anyway, where's that from??

dan said...

I came back to scribble the date down of when this was, and yeah, had no idea you responded to my comment.


Yes, Rollins ...

I don't want to bang him, but I will give him snaps that even though he never wrote that many love songs, when he did, it was always a doozy!

I'm going to end this in proper LiveJournal/Xanga style and post some Hank Rollins song lyrics.


Black Flag -- I Love You

I hear a car, your footsteps outside
Knife in hand, love in heart
Sweating - I wait

I love you

You screamed, you bled, you laid on the floor
But now I know you'll leave me no more

I love you

blargh22 said...

ya know i never got a chance to see him live... i always wanted to, i mean i heard about him doing spoken word at town hall and shit a buncha times, but for some reason i just got caught up in other bullshit... but i remember in my younger days i used to love the video to "disconnect myself" ah, thank god for youtube... i love music videos... for some reason, when i think henry rollins i dont think of black flag... i think of "the chase" hahaha...

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