Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Look Like White Trash: Tips from Steriogram's Tyson Kennedy

Top 3 Tips for Men on How to Look Like White Trash:

1. Don't shave. Especially if you have a patchy beard - and never, ever trim. You pussy.

2. You must have at least 3 shitty cars that you're working on simultaneously in your front yard. Make sure to get that grease good and rubbed up on your skin.

3. If you drive, drive a matte black Holden Commodore.*

*Tyson clarified that this is an Australian white trash car (he's from NZ) - the equivalent to the American classic shit pickup. He also told me that in AU, their white trash are called "Westies" or "Bogans." Can't ever have too many new and wonderful social slurs!

Click "Read More" to see Tyson busting a rhyme in Steriograms's "White Trash" music video, and "Walkie Talkie Man," nominated for four MTV Music Awards.

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