Friday, August 29, 2008

Home Shwet Home: One Night in Suburby, MA

After a six freakin' hour bus ride from NYC to Boston on Thursday (Labor Day traffic - nice one, Adri Leya), I arrived home just in time to celebrate my lil' bro's 22nd bday. Had a fantastic dinner with Jake and the parentals, and I cheerfully gorged on more than I have all week. We started with tapas: yucca and chick pea fries with a spicy mango dipping sauce; then mixed greens with farmer's cheese, grilled pears and a honey pepper vinaigrette; and then Jake and I split a pizzette with goat cheese, roasted red peppers and basil, and he had lamb sausage on his half. A day's worth of calories in one meal? Yes. That's how we do.

More pics and stuff after the jump. Click "Read More!"

Then, back home for birthday treats and gift exchange! Check out these chocolate covered strawberries my Mom and Dad got instead of a cake - they have mini tuxedoes on them!

After mauling those dapper berries, I gave Jake his gifts - a Miyazaki DVD he wanted, Whisper of the Heart, and (my favorite thing ever) a Wee Ninja by Shawnimal Smith. Look, this is us playing with it! Booyah, my nailz is STILL lookin' pro.

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