Monday, August 4, 2008

Finding My Religion - in Comic Books

I totally shouldn't be blogging right now, since I have a crapload of actual paid writing to do - but you know me, when it comes to superheroes, I lose all control. And use of my bodily functions. Oh shoot, I peed!

Anyway, while researching for something else, I stumbled upon this website that actually groups comic book superheroes by RELIGION. Somebody actually took the time to research all these comic books, determine each character's religion, then create a database of all the info with over 8,000 names. I should probably meet this guy - I bet he's very attentive in the sack. Or a virgin.

Check out the website here: and another interesting site here that put a collage together based on the religious groups.

You don't need to click "Read More" this time, since there's nothing else. See! I'm BUSY!!!

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