Monday, July 21, 2008

Top 3 Worst Inventions of the Week

One of my favorite blogs (running a close second to Geekologie), InventorSpot, never fails at bringing me the latest and greatest new inventions from around the world for me to make fun of. Some of this crap is so ridiculous, I sometimes begin to wish I was no longer part of the human race. I guess that's what happens when you live in a world where everything's been done - you've got to get resourceful and create things that mock our very existence.

Take the Mohawk Drink Hat from Putz Gear, for instance. To make the best of your imbibing, it's no secret that one needs some sort of headgear. I sometimes throw on my bike helmet from third grade when I go bar-hopping, 80% for safety reasons, 20% for fashion.

Click "Read More" for the other two worst inventions of the week!

Nothing says "poop" like a doorknob designed to look like poop! The gold-painted "Poignée signalétique" is shaped like feces and is made of resin, forged by French designer Florence Doleac...Ohhhhh. That explains it. Doleac says he designed the door handle so that home visitors will know which room is the bathroom, but I'll just stick to the sign I put up that says:

If you sprinkle,
when you tinkle,
be a sweet and
wipe the seat.
Or die.

Okay, so I'm still up in the air about whether or not this invention is actually one of the worst. I mean, we gals can always use more accessories - especially for our vaginas. Enter the designer sanitary napkins, Whisper Silky Soft Slims. Japan has hit such high levels of awesome that Proctor & Gamble actually decided to produce these pleasantly-decorated sanitary napkins. The pads claim to "Cheer Up a Blue Period!" I don't know about you, ladies, but being blue is the least of my worries around that time of the month - it's the gratuitous violence and the three hour sobbing/laughing fits in the home goods section of Target that are bothersome.

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