Monday, July 28, 2008

Precious Metal: Capuchin Monk Makes Me A Believer

If you haven't already seen this divine creature in the news, shredding the stage at various metal concerts (including Gods of Metal - irony), then you're missing out. Sixty-two year old Capuchin Monk Cesare Bonizzi is the frontman for heavy metal band Fratello Metallo, and I am totally sweating him. I need to find out if he's taken an oath of celibacy, because my groupie status is currently stagnant.

Now all we need is a Rabbi to come along and one-up him. How about a little Jewish Death Metal? Baruch Atoi Adonai rhymes with "die," right?

Click "Read More" to hear Brother Bonizzi make your ears bleed in pleasure.


Lesberita said...
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Lesberita said...

Not to be confused with the Capuchin Monkey...

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