Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gossip? Who ME?? Lauren Conrad Ditches Out at PFS!

Those who were at the 9th Annual Paws For Style Event at Arena in NYC this evening would recognize me as the jugtastic woman in the white t-shirt conducting the red carpet, fielding harassment from several crazy paparazzi. My favorite encounter was with a representative from the Russian TV Channel, who was clearly not invited. The Russian woman, in that thick, hateful voice, had the nerve to accuse me of not letting her into the press barricade for photos because I was against her "people." I looked her straight in the eye and said, "Lady, please don't play that card with me," and showed her the security guard. I also probably should have shown her the blueprints of my family tree, which include my plethora of Russian relatives.

But the big news of the night? Lauren Conrad completely flaked. In case you're not familiar with the event, Paws for Style is a big party and fashion show that showcases dogs and their owners (usually celebrities and socialites) on the runway in designer duds, and all the funds raised go to charity. So Lauren showed up for the red carpet, did her interviews and posed for the pap, and then, when called to walk the runway, refused to get on the stage. The worst part is that the Humane Society of New York, who are the ones benefitting from the event, paid for her flight from California and hotel at one of NYC's top spots.

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Cara, my darling little hair vixen, who was helping to run the chaos backstage, said that she overheard Lauren and her publicist talking about her scheduled runway appearance - it seemed as though she had no idea that she was scheduled to walk. Lauren then feigned tears, and with the help from her publicist minions, rushed through the crowd and down the stairs. The funny thing? Every detail of the event had been confirmed and settled wayyy before, so there was no way Lauren wasn't aware of her participation in the fashion show.

Phew. This night was absolutely crazy. Between the drama with "HellC" (oooh that's a good one - quote me! ok, but actually, i'll be honest - she was really nice when I spoke to her) and trying to please all the reporters, I'd say I deserve a nice footrub/Xanax chased with tequila.

If you were there, email me! Especially the photogs...I had a GREAT time with you all!

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