Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fashunz: Cute Oddity, 'Kawaii' Not Actually Hawaiian Island

I'm lovin' me some Cute Oddity, a new company that designs cartoon characters inspired by kawaii, the Japanese term for cute. The recently-formed business just announced today that they will be jumping into the apparel industry by launching a full line of T-shirts and other accessories at (where else??) Comic-Con International in San Diego - and I'm jumping for joy in my kimono.

Click "Read More" to see some of these freakishly adorable designs. Who knew putting tiny faces on inanimate objects could be so charming?


Anonymous said...

These drawings are so cute!!
The artist is very talented!

Anonymous said...

This company did nothing more than plagiarize the designs on the apparel at

And their "designer" did a poor job of doing even that.

If you need proof, just look at when the domains were registered. Bekyoot was originally called Anime Beach, and had its domain,, registered back in 2005. bekyoot's current domain was registered roughly one year ago.

Cute Oddity's site was registered this past January when its president, Craig O'Connor, decided he'd try to capitalize on ideas stolen from Bekyoot, which, by the way, he also used to work for.

Plagiarism is just SO KAYOOT!

Anonymous said...


To the above response.

I work with Craig and understand that he used to work with BeKyoot. However, that has nothing to do with my designs or me as a person. If you would like to talk sometime find me on myspace.

The designs are not plagiarized. As far as Kawaii anime is concerned the character styles are quite different as I looked at the BeKyoot site. We both have cats and cupcakes but so do a lot of companies namely Hello Kitty.

I am sorry for your anger.

There is no law against someone (Craig in this case) starting a business in the same genre of anime that you are in. We all know the Kawaii style is not new or very unique. In fact, Hello Kitty started in 1976 many artists have come to love and emulate the style over the last 30+ years.

Starting out with such animosity is unfortunate and does not suit you. I think you are a good artist.

Take care.

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