Thursday, July 10, 2008

Attention Pet Freaks: Greatest American Dog Premiers TONIGHT on CBS!

Ok, so I don't watch TV. And let's face it, even if I did have cable, I probably wouldn't be watching reality shows (ok, I lie - holla Rock of Love!). But it's not every day that a friend and boss of mine actually has their own TV show, and I'm pretty psyched to see my Wendy Diamond in action on what proves to be a hilarious celebration of what I like to call crazy dog-loving middle-America at it's finest.

You can catch the premiere of the season tonight at 8pm et/pt on CBS. Hey, and, if Tillman the skateboarding bulldog goes missing at the end of the season, don't worry about it. Totally under control.

Click "Read More" to see the Greatest American Dog teaser! Hirarious.

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