Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adri Leya and Lucy Vonne are Bustelo Cool. And Busty.

I'm not Cuban, believe it or not. I know, it's hard to believe these sensual, ample curves are purely Caucasian. But I do love Cuban coffee - especially when I don't have to exert any effort in the actual making of the coffee (brewing stuff is so exhausting). Which is why I'm obsessed with the canned Cafe Con Leche from Bustelo Cool. Lucy Vonne and I literally fist fight for the last can in the fridge when it gets to that point. Although, now that we have the Wii, we can probably just virtually box it out.

UPDATE: Ok, so I just learned that Bustelo didn't actually originate from Cuba. It was started in the Bronx by some Spanish guy. That just figures - and I thought I was being so culturalamated.

Click "Read More" to see a couple of hilarious commercials for Bustelo. They're funny because they're foreign.

Douchebags Internazionale

Homo-eroticism - delicious!

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