Saturday, July 5, 2008

Aaaand She's Back...Almost.

Well, I finally feel coherent enough (i.e. not so drugged that i wake up in pools of my own slobber/pudding) to get back at the internets, which I know has caused you all to breathe a sigh of great relief. I'll be back in the city on Monday and then back to work on Tuesday, which is a HUGE relief, considering um, I get paid per hour. And let's see how many hours I've worked the past 2 weeks - oh wait. Ha! HiLARious! In fact, I'm collecting large pieces of cardboard to build a small hut in the alley around the corner from my apartment till I gather enough rent to pay for this month, so any donations of canned bean products or blankets would be much appreciated.

On a lighter note, I'm eating SOLID FOODS now, and Ma, Pa and lil' bro are having a belated fake barbecue to celebrate, since I missed all the Fourth of July festivities (what a family, right??) - they're grilling me up a veggie dog and a cob o' corn right at this very moment. Does anyone even understand the joy this brings me? If we are what we eat, these past couple of weeks have turned me right into a mac n' cheese/soft serve ice cream surprise...

Anyway, as soon as the daily fevers/throat closing subsides, I will be good to go and back at it, also to the excitement to some of the staff at the salon, who apparently question the fact that I'm sick in the first place. Oh, you're right, managerial staff, I'm totally on vacation. Feverish nights, the inability to speak, and fiery bursts of pain emanating from a tumor-like gland in the side of my neck is certainly the equivalent to stretching out on a warm, sunny beach, listening to the waves lap at my toes. I also truly, truly enjoy missing weeks of my hourly wages so that I cannot afford to live. This, my friends, is a fucking vacayyyyy! Woooo!

Well, I'm off. Off to a land of food that I can chew! Infinite joy!

Oh, and here are the two movies I'm watching with the fam tonight, in case you were curious:

Ninja Scroll (1993)

And holy crap, a new release!

Vantage Point (2008)

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Cara Underwood said...

For what its worth, little lover, ONE of your friends at the salon KNEW you were sicky pants ...

Yeah. ME.

I'm SO glad you're back!! Here's to a complete and speedy recovery so we can get our karaoke on ASAP!!!

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