Thursday, July 17, 2008

25th Birthday = Success!

Well I'm sure all you non-New Yorkers have been waiting in earnest to find out what happened at my birthday outing on Wednesday night - and who am I to disappoint? I'm finally detoxed and seeing straight, so I'll attempt to do a quick recap.

Twenty of some of my most favorite people joined me for debauchery and fool-making at - brace yourself - a pirate themed bar. Although I left my eye patch and live parrot at home, I did bring my raucous pirate attitude, which came in handy for the pillaging and wenching. Several pitchers of margaritas and tequila shots later, the group split up and a few of the gals and I headed around the corner to hit up a few other places. The first stop? Cheesy-ass college bar, Off The Wagon, which we would usually steer clear from (I would rather gauge my eyes out with a knitting needle than hang out there by choice) but, hell, it was my birthday, and I was up for exploiting some doucheys. To keep the story short, two interesting things happened: 1) an old married man exposed his genitalia to us in the bar and then placed it on Lucy's purse; and 2) Said married man's friend accosted me with a gross birthday kiss - twice. Getcha some, birthday girl!

Click "Read More" for a few photos from the night. Warning: they are extremely arousing.

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