Monday, June 16, 2008

Ramblin' Part Deux: Pom, Poop, and Pop (Culture)

Boy, "working from home" sure is tiring. All that napping and internet-surfing really takes its toll. I also stumbled upon this amazing photo that Lucy and Steve took of me when I feel asleep and they put silly putty in my mouth. Really "ha ha" funny.

Anyway, thank jeebzuz I had some time between "work" to pull together some thoughts for a blogizzle. A few things worth mentioning:

1) I'm excited that Pom changed the bottles to their delectable Iced Teas. If you're not familiar, Pom Iced Tea came in a container that could be re-used as a drinking glass once you were done with it, but after 32 of those damn things end up sitting in your cabinet, there comes a point when you just have to suck it up and get rid of them. Now they come in recyclable plastic bottles, which makes them way more portable and, in turn, more delicious. The Wildberry Light flavor is my all time favorite and has only 35 calories per serving, for those of you who keep track. Not like I have to - I have a perfect, svelte bodice.

Pom Iced Tea Before

Pom Iced Tea Now

2) Yesterday at Senor Swanky's (we keep it high-brow in herre), I was sitting outside with my new pal Cara sipping black cherry margaritas, when suddenly she gasped (laughed) in horror - a bird had pooped on my head. I know what you're thinking - no freaking way this happens twice in two weeks! Luckily, it just turned out to be a piece of white tile from the roof that a pigeon carefully dropped onto my ponytail. Looks like that devil pigeon has followed me about town just to mess with me. One of these days, pigeon, you'll get yours!

3) I don't usually like to pluck items from the MSN homepage, but you know my affinity for weird creatures, and I had to post this. It's called the Stysen i-Knock B01 Personal Instant Messaging Notifier - basically, you plug it into your computer and this little alienesque plastic character begins to shout phrases, lights up and then starts bashing itself in the head when you get an instant message. The folks at i-Knock prefer to call it "hammering," but let's just call it what it really is - self mutilation. You know, this reminds me of the time I made Lucy stand by my computer and whack herself in the face with a pole everytime I received a Gmail message. Perhaps i-Knock got the idea from moi?

4) WTF Barbie? I hated you before, but now I really hate you - and so does PETA. I walk by this fur shop window everyday in Soho, and I just had to share the ridiculousness. They're like freakish large-breasted Ewoks with purses.

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