Saturday, June 7, 2008

Juice Box With No Straw = Confusion.

Does anybody remember the juice box that bitch-slapped all other juice boxes?

Marketed as the juice box for "adults," BoKu was bigger than the others and had no straw, just a peel-back spout.

Circa 1989, I would steal these juice boxes from my parents, and I would think: "Finally, I am fully grown - my juice box is larger than before, and has no puny straw to stifle me from my full juice-drinking capabilities." I became a woman when I drank my first BoKu.

Anyway, nobody could figure out why adults needed their own juice box (boxes of wine I totally understand), and the product folded shortly after its inception. What a sad, sad day that was for Richard Lewis.

Check out this guy's rant on BoKu, hilarity:

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