Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fashunz: Wha's KID SISTER Rocking this Summer?

When I saw Kid Sister open for Chromeo last year at Studio B in Brooklyn, I knew I had found The One - the one chick who would finally rep street fashion and bring it to mainstream, even for us really white girls. Seeing her grip that mic with those long-ass jeweled acrylics made me want to get a set - and get unicorns painted on them. With rainbows. And glitter.

If you've seen Kid Sister spit, you know she's got that inimitable hood style - so of course I had to ask her what she'll be wearing. I'm a follower, clearly. Click "read more" to see more fashunz!

So what will KS be rocking during the sweltering New York dog-days?
"Not a bra! Maybe my orange Rachel Comey sandals... can't nobody touch them." It's okay, KS, I won't be wearing a bra either.

Rachel Comey ( sandals like the ones pictured above go for between $200-$400, but it's a small price to pay to join the fashion ranks of our main Sister, David Bowie, Courtney Love (ok, kind of a crack-rabbit), and countless others who sweat her style. Gimme!

Some other Fashunz staples the Kid Sis works:

Brights & Neon.

Retro Shadez.

Nailz. (obvs)


I'll leave you with the street diva in action in my fave KS music video, "Pro Nails" (featuring Kanye West) while I go get mah set airbrushed:

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