Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fashunz: Spring '08 Brings Crack Couture Back from the 80's

In an effort to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends (that I cannot afford and, if anything, hit up H&M for rip-off versions), I occasionally check out what Vogue has to say about updating my closet. I'm always endlessly amused at some of the cited "trends," and this time, the fashion royalty has really outdone themselves.

This facet of the Spring 2008 Style Trends collection is one my faves: looks like they hopped in the Delorean, jetted to the 80's, and invaded a tranny hooker's boudoir. I like bondage and cross-dressing just as much as the next middle-class Jewish gal, but wear these get-ups to a party? Yes, please!

And let's be honest; I would totally rock that Maison Martin Margiela sequin jacket with the shoulder pads to like, a polo match or Kokie's or something. Thoughts??

Karl Lagerfield

House of Holland

Matthew Ames

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