Monday, June 9, 2008

Daddy Dearest: A Father's Day Gift Guide

In the spirit of Father's Day, I thought I'd pull together a little list for those of you still stumped on what to get your favorite paternal figure - no matter what his type!

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For the "Man's Man" Dad
Nothing says "I'm a man" like meat...and hunting your own with a trajectory weapon. This crossbow package from The Sportsman's Guide ( comes with arrows and other shooting stuff, and you can get it all for $399.97.

For the Awesome Dad (Like Mine! Love you Daddy!!)
If your Dad's a saint - send him to Heaven! I'm Jewish, so I don't believe in Heaven (sorry, God)..but what the hey, better safe than sorry! Reserve a spot in Heaven for your Dad at - it's 100% guaranteed or your money back! Can't lose.

For the Dad That Left You
Show him you're A-OK without him! Glamour Shots will do the trick. You can even make a collage of several photos of you winning awards, scoring points at games, or just being great. See, Daddy, you shouldn't have left me!

For Your Two Gay Dads

For the Dad in Jail
Though the first thought would be a delicious cake with a little somethin' extra in it (see: nail file), a little innovation really shows you care. Temporary tattoos are a great way for your Dad to have fun and get some "ink" in the slammer, and compare with all of his friends!

For the Single Dad
A bachelor always needs some eye candy to keep up his game, and your Dad's no different. Sexy calendars, a full year's membership to, or a subscription to Juggs Magazine will show your true support of his singledom.

For The Verbally Abusive Dad
Add some hilarity to the verbal bashings! Finally, for the Dad who loves to "voice" his opinions: this wacky Multi Voice-Changer by Tech Gear offers a variety of voices, ranging from "Alien" to "Robot" and many more!

Now go out and make Papa proud - happy gifting!

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