Monday, June 2, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Devil Pigeon Uses Blogger's Head as Toilet

NEW YORK - Freelance journalist, Adri Leya, suffered from a partial nervous breakdown this morning in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen when a pigeon unexpectedly took a shit on her head.
Witnesses say that the pooping on the head was hilarious. "It was like God was trying to say, hey, I feel like throwing poop at your face, but I missed and got your hair," says Taneesha Smith, a worker at the Dunkin' Donuts where Adri "Crazy Eyes" Leya purchased coffee soon after the incident. Leya has refused to comment, but a representative says that she will be spending the rest of the day clutching her knees in the fetal position, simultaneously sobbing and laughing.


WIG said...

I like poop heads!!!!

fenris370 said...

Wow that was hilarious! U are a funny writer!but where the hell do u get the time and energy to post all this stuff at 7am? Not much into blogs but I think I'll keep abreast with yours ;p

Mr. Uniform

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