Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Bosslady on "Living Lohan"???

Sooooo I just found out that the awesome Wendy Diamond (my boss at the magazine) was on this past episode of E!'s Living Lohan - you know, the reality show that showcases Dina "The Teeth" Lohan and her sweet parenting skillz. In case you've been living under a rock/armoire/and-or without cable (like Lucy Vonne and myself - we will take donations, btw), Dina is the proud mama of notorious party-girl Lindsay Lohan and budding singer/actress Ali Lohan. Click "Read More" to get the full scoop!

Wendy was there to do a photo shoot and interview with Ali and Dina at the Lo's Long Island home for the magazine (coming out this next issue with all my stuff in it - Summer '08!), along with the fabulous Zandy Mangold as photog and, of course, Ms. Lucky Diamond (crazy-fantastic Maltese that "lovingly" brawled with the Lohan's dogs). Check out the clip - and please take note how D-Lo completely disregards her daughter's allergic reaction. Dina Lohan, Mom of the Year, 2008!

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