Monday, June 23, 2008

Best. Brooklyn. Find. Ever: Ralph's Famous Italian Ices

Since last week marked the first official day of summer - even though I've been sweating my veritable balls off for the past month - I thought I'd explore the wonders that are summer treats. On the usual once-a-week trip to the Bagel Store at Graham (home of the French Toast Bagel with frosting cream cheese - I'm going to name a sex position after it), Lucy Vonne and I decided to take a gander at the rest of the bustling neighborhood. In what seemed like a brief moment of wonder, a beacon of light shone through the rows of Khim's Millenium Markets (Brooklynites, you know what I'm talkin' bout) - sourcing from a bright blue and white awning boasting "Ralph's - the World's finest Italian Ices."

From sugar-free selections to full out fatty-ass ice creams, Ralph's Famous Italian Ices has an impressive menu: stuff like Mai Tai, Citrus Twister, Margarita, Root Beer, and Bubble Gum, but I decided to go old school with a sugar-free cherry ice. With all that icy, sweet goodness, and bright red lips that caused people to mistake me for a Chanel counter-girl, I vowed to return every week to explore the next wonderful flavor of my choosing.

Yeah, so Ralph's is a franchise, with like 70 locations around New York and New Jersey, but just let Lucy Vonne and I have this moment of discovery, alright? Delicious.

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