Sunday, June 1, 2008

And In Other News, I'm A Whiny Baby

On Sundays, there's ample time for my mind to whirl, which is always very dangerous. I stand at the salon reception desk, smile, swipe credit cards, answer phones, and obsessively check to see how many visits my blog has gotten. And in between those actions, I'm left with this brain that never stops.With all the worry, and speculation, and room for error, I find myself making a slow descent into self-doubt, specifically about my hopes for a writing career.

Confidence is a warm blanket that keeps me comfortable in my endeavor most of the time; but there are moments that I just feel stupid for even pursuing this. What would lead me out of all these other capable writers in New York to be succesful? What steps can I take to make my success imminent? Am I doing all that I can?

I'm hoping that starting this blog has been a positive step towards my goal. It keeps me writing constantly, which is the only way I can improve. Any feedback from my blog readers would be amazingly helpful, especially as constructive criticism; comments, emails on what you'd like to read about, or if you think certain aspects of my writing sucks - seriously!

Now that I've crossed over into "woh woh" land, I'm going to continue to count down the hours till I can go home and watch my Netflix and prepare for a long day in the magazine office tomorrow, where they will hopefully have me do some writing (rather than anything else they can throw at me).

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