Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adri Leya + Geekologie Writer 4-Eva

By now, dear blog readers, you know how much of a nerd I truly am (crushes on cartoons? desire for strange mechanical creatures?). So you shan't be shocked to hear that I have an infatuation with a very, very special website - a web destination that has captured my heart (vagina):

It's my new daily fix, and satisfies my craving for disturbing new technology, cartoons, superheroes, and all things strange and wonderful.

Though the Geekologie writer touches upon a plethora of awesome stuff, my recent favorite has been the coverage of "The Balloon Guy" in the article Master Chief Made Entirely Out of Balloons. This "Balloon Guy," or, as I like to call him, Owner of My Soul and Every Desire, constructs life-size balloon sculptures of things like animals, people, and cartoons. My favorites? The balloon creations of Mario, TMNTs, and Transformers, and BATMAN! Check these suckers out!

I've put out a commission to the Balloon Guy for the entire TMNT crew and a lil' bit o' Splinter and Shredder. I want to get some balloon ass-kicking going before we all lie down for a nice, long "nap."

1 comment:

Jules said...

I think the geekologie writer makes all of our hearts ( vaginas) smile.

food is the way a man's heart, but laughter is the way to a woman's vagina.

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