Saturday, May 31, 2008

SATC really not so FB

Just got back from a matinee showing in the Village of Sex and the City (if that's any indication of how poor we are - $6 movies, hook it up!), and despite the fact that I had to shush the hormonal Spanish women shrieking in the row behind us several times, I must admit that the flick was enjoyable.The SATC Movie shows our old friends finally as grownups (it took, what - 50 years?). Some of the old broads have kids, some have husbands, and all have overpriced shoes, stinking wit, and pleasant drinking problems. I don't know what all those cynical critics were griping about - the movie held true to SATC form and even went beyond by actually inserting emotion into the plot line. Perhaps that was the qualm - for years women have used SATC as an escape from the burdens of reality, into a world where shopping and lunching is an everyday occurrence, good sex is always just around the corner, and money issues never enter the equation. At least, that's been my excuse to watch - a reverie about a life of minimal work, fabulous parties, tiny waists (no matter how many brunches or brews), and consequent-less trysts (genital whaaats?).

Besides the fact that Sarah Jessica has a disturbing penchant for wearing birds and other creatures on her head on and off the screen, the wardrobe was impressive. It doesn't take much for us peon civilians to get excited and squeal in delight at any shot of a sparkly Manolo, or a Chanel dress, even though we'd probably never look as good in them. Ladies, take it from me, though the way to a man's heart may be through his stomach, muffin tops are never on that menu, even if they're wrapped in designer duds.

So what did I learn from this movie? The kid's pack of popcorn is only $5.95 and it comes with a small soda and a small candy; boozing exorbitantly is the very best way to solve any problem; and most importantly, no matter how much a man shits on you, you should always take him back if you're over the age of 40 - you got slim pickins' after that.

Crap, I gotta go sign up for some dating sites and work on my eating disorder.

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