Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ramblin' On

As soon as I peeled off the Spanx like seaweed from a maki roll, and threw on some PJ's, the first thing I wanted to do this evening was sit down at this beacon of light (new MacBook Pro) and blog about my day. My Mom raised a good question this evening - am I going to really ever write about myself? Wasn't that the point of this blog in the first place?Is the whole process of writing about oneself just self-serving and narcissistic? If so, then, okay. I'll accept it. Wayne's World segue back to reality. Doodelee doo doodelee doo dooodeloo doo.

I just realized how many items in our kitchen have the pure function of assisting bowel movements. Let's see...there's Gnu Flavor&Fiber bars (they're a tasty treat, but if you have more than one a day, you best be wearing your Depends); Yogi "Smooth Move" Tea; Yogi "Stomach Ease" Tea; Kashi Oatmeal (not purely for pooping, but it does help move things along, right?). Ok, come to think of it, there really aren't that many things...but way more than the average. Am I right??? Am I right??

Now that I've successfully grossed out several of my readers by resorting to toilet humor, I must take my leave. I've gots me a long day tomorrow at the salon. Plus, I'm clearly rambling and overtired. I'll probably wake up tomorrow and delete this post because it's so incoherent.

Before I go.... I also want to mention how overjoyed I am that YOU are reading this blog - you're most likely a friend of mine and are reading this to support me; and for that, I am so, SO grateful and happy. Insert smiley face here.

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BSH ADMIN said...

A few items you may want to add to your collection:
Simply Fiber cereal, Mestemacher Whole Rye bread, Kashi Go-Lean bars.

From one poop-enthusiast to another!

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