Monday, May 26, 2008

News Update: Ivanka Trump is not a Beotch.

Thought I'd share this photo that I took of Ivanka Trump at Milk Bone's 100th Anniversary Event in Times Square last week. Though seemingly a very random event, it was actually pretty cute - among other attractions, they had this gigantic dog house made of Milk Bones right on a traffic island. I felt like Gretel, taunted by mouth-watering, chemically-fortified treats. Delicious biscuits!

Also note: this should be the last time I go to Times Square EVER. After a day excursion to what I have dubbed God's well-lit toilet of foreigners, I gently jab the closest sharp object (usually cuticle clippers) into my eyes and then scour myself with bleach-soaked Brillo pads for a good half hour.

Nevertheless, Ivanka was surprisingly sociable, and her dress was so fetch - check out the navy-inspired action. 

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