Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucy's Mom Sends Her Helpful Gifts

As you may or may not know, the roommate and bestie (yeah, I said bestie....rhymes with "molestie") is going through a recent breakup. Here, you will find Lucy reading one of the gifts that her Mom (who, by the way, is awesome) sent her from Cape Cod. Please note: this is the second time her mother has sent her Codependent No More.

Today's Affirmation (courtesy of Joan): Today I will accept powerlessness.

Does this mean I can finally be a bottom? Huzzah!

Holy crap. McDonald's coupons just fell out the self-help books. What a mind-fuck!! Thank you Amazon, for promoting the eating of my emotions.

PS: Lucy wants me to mention that, yes, she is on the market for a hot, tattooed boy with preferably a 20/80 ratio of issues vs. skillz.

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