Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Glenn Close + French Bulldog = Infinite Happiness

Two obvious reasons why I had to post this photo I took at the event tonight: Glenn Close and French Bulldog. Named Stella. In a sweater. I had a horribly unattractive snapshot of Glenn blinking and smiling awkwardly, and I was thiiiiiissssss close to posting it. Until I realized I'm not a heartless biatch. It took some soul-searching, but I did conclude that I will never, ever use this blog for that type of thing. Please, if you want that crap, go pick up some US Weekly drivel (or email me privately and I'll send to you for a small fee). Kiddinnnnnggggg.

Anyway, the event was fun, and the food even surpassed my mini-spinach-quiche-dreams - they served cheese puffs filled with some ricotta mixture (among other non-vegetarian stuff that I scoffed at) and lots of champagne.

But no Bernadette Peters! Who, by the way, my Mom reprimanded me for making fun of earlier. People, Bernadette Peters is an extremely talented woman. Please do not take my cruel words seriously. In fact, I'm guessing she was a no-show tonight because of my distasteful mockery of her hair - and for that, Bernadette, I am sorry. In all seriousness though, I really have nothing against Ms. Peters and think she kicks ass onstage.

In other news, 2 people offered me their seats on the subway today, and I'm hoping to Beelzebub it wasn't because they thought I was pregnant. Worst. Thing. Ever.

For more dogs I'm obsessed with, check out this schweet blog:

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